Lip Augmentation & Restoration

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Lip filler is used for a number of reasons in the lips. You can use lip filler to enhance natural beauty, augment the lips for a more dramatic effect, sharpen the border of the lips (vermillion border), correct asymmetry of the lips and restore balance to lip proportions. Filler can also be used to create/enhance lip pouts and volume.

Lip filler can be performed in both men and women — male lip filler can help to enhance a male face, ranging from subtle tweaks to more significant enhancemment.

Steve prefers the classic beauty style of lips —  natural looking, following the established mathematical laws of beauty, which never go out of fashion. So you won't find "sausage lips" or "trout pouts" here! Just beautifully proportioned lips, individually tailored to suit your face, rather than "one fits all" performed in less than 15 minutes.

How does lip filler  help?

Lip filler can help by correcting any of the issues listed above. For the best results, some lips only need a half syringe (0.5 ml) treatment for small tweaks and corrections of asymmetry, whilst others may need multiple filler treatments over several sessions if a more dramatic transformation is desired.

When will I see the effects?

Immediately after your lip filler treatment, you will see the difference. However, the lips can swell up significantly during and after the treatment, making them appear much larger than the final result. This can last for several days after treatment, before settling down to their final result. Steve advises having lip filler at least 2  weeks before any major event in order to allow the swelling to settle in time.

How long does lip filler treatment last for?

This will vary depending on the type of lip filler used. Standard filler may last 3—6 months, whilst the premium lip filler can last up to a year or longer . Results vary person to person depending on multiple factors, such as genetics and lifestyle.

Is it painful?

Lip filler can be a little uncomfortable as the lips are a very sensitive area. Numbing cream is usually applied to help reduce any pain, the filler is also integrated with lidnocaine to improve comfort during the treatment

How long is recovery time?

Whilst there isn't any major recovery time, some people find their lips swell significantly for a few days afterwards. Steve therefore advises you to bear this in mind when booking your lip filler consultation/treatment.  As a needle is used to inject dermal filler into the lip  region, there is a chance you may get a small amount of bleeding/bruising, which usually resolves after a few days but can be up to 14.

What are the side effects/risks?

As with any procedure where a needle is used, there is a risk of bleeding, bruising, pain, and swelling with lip filler treatments. If any of these develop, it is usually short-lived,  but it does vary person to person.
Some people can develop swelling/oedema (fluid retention) which can last for several weeks, or may even need the filler dissolving.
Small deposits of filler can occasionally be felt, which can usually be easily corrected. Allergic reaction, infection and granulomas (inflammatory lumps) are rare possible complications.
Even rarer complications include injection of filler into, or compression of, a blood vessel. This can cause vascular compromise/occlusion. Steve is trained to identify and mange complication that may occur and is a registered member of the ACE group (aesthetics complications Experts) we offer 24/7 support if such a complication should arise.  

Where are your cosmetic clinics?

Our cosmetic clinics are in both Holyhead Anglesey and Bangor. Gwynedd 

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