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Microneedling using our Dermafix pen one of the world’s most advanced fractional micro-needling device that provides patients with a more effective, minimally invasive skin treatment option that stimulates collagen and elastin production as well as tightening, lifting and rejuvenating the skin.

How does Microneedling Help

Using multiple needles to vertically penetrate the surface layers of the skin, Dermapen treatment allows the body to begin the wound-healing process which breaks down older collagen to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin within the skin.  Genoysis Power Solutions are  used with specfic combinations  utalising the created microchanel bypassing the skins barrier to allow greater absorption of the product.

Dermafix is an effective treatment option for all skin types, and has shown great clinical results in:

• Improving wrinkles and fine lines

• Acne scars, stretch marks and wound healing

• Minimises pores size

• Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation

• Treating alopecia

When will I see the effects?

The healing process for each client varies, though most start to see results within a week after treatment. Immediately after Dermafix treatment, clients will notice a red/pink face in the treatment area. The recover time can be reduced and results boosted when combined With our Dermalux Photo therapy

What areas can be treated ? 

The precise nature of the Dermafix pen and its adjustable depth settings make it safe to use on all areas of the face and almost any other area of the body.

Is it painful?

Dermafix micro-needles penetrate the surface layers vertically minimizing injury to the treatment area, meaning less recovery tine and a more comfortable experience. Older Dermaroller uses a device which is rolled across the treatment area, the rolling movement creates unnecessary epidermal damages as the micro-needles pull the tissue as they leave the skin and creates trenches. Dermapen works well on all skin tones and types and is a safe alternative to lasers for those with darker skin tone

How long is recovery time?

mild swelling of the affected area redness and lasting a few days after the procedure. This can be reduced by incorporating the Dermalux Led post treatment

Where are your cosmetic clinics?

Our cosmetic clinics are in both Holyhead Anglesey and Bangor. Gwynedd Visit the Locations page for more details.

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