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To assist in both the ease of prescription as well as the ease of treating acne, Dermaceutic has created a convenient homecare kit to target acne. The 21 Day Expert Care Kits allows patients to experience the key products required for results, at a minimum investment.
It is important to note that the cosmeceuticals and the formulated products are result orientated, but patients are recommended to use the range consistently for at least 2 months for effective long-term results. The homecare kit allows patients to purchase all the products needed to target acne / problematic skin for long term results. 
The 21 Day Expert Care Acne Kit has been expertly designed with consideration of all the contributing factors that cause acne. Within the Dermaceutic Cosmeceutical line, the Acne Kit will focus on correcting and addressing the key functional problems of the skin, using 4 of the 7 essential actions to work in synergy to bring about effective and long-term results.
Mask 15 & Foamer 15 will purify the skin’s surface and address the keratolytic issues an acne-prone skin tends to have. Furthermore, the Mask 15 contains Salicylic Acid which will purify the skin of excess oil, unblock any blocked pores and remove any congestion / blackheads.
Hyal Ceutic as a Restore Essential Action will hydrate the skin, improve barrier function and repair the impaired acid mantle – all key in treating an oily / acne prone skin.
Patients with oily skins tend to disregard a moisturizer as they feel their skin is oily and therefore it doesn’t need hydrating. However, this is a huge misconception and in fact, the over production of oil is occurring because there isn’t enough moisture within the skin and the barrier is losing water to the environment. [often known as trans epidermal water loss – TEWL ].
By supplying the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, the barrier is improved and TEWL reduces, therefore the oil production will balance. Jojoba oil further adds to this as it mimics the skins’ own sebum, providing it with a biosimilar oil and therefore the skin will also lower its oil production.
The aloe vera found in Hyal Ceutic will reduce redness but also act as an antioxidant and relieve sensitivity found in all acne skins. Hyal Ceutic works especially well post- Mask15, to soothe, calm and hydrate the newly exfoliated skin.
Activ Retinol forms a vital role in treating acne, especially grade 2,3&4 Acne. It forms part of the Prevent Essential Action in that it prevents oxidative stress, redness, scarring and keratinization. The retinol, being a tolerable & effective form of Vitamin A, will effectively assist in the correction of dead skin build-up, target the inflammation cycle that exacerbates acne and provide the required antioxidants to the inflamed skin to fight the breakout cycle. It will also assist in the correct collagen formation to prevent acne scarring.
Vitamin A also has a great melanosynthesis response, making this a must for patients who experience PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) due to their breakout. Activ Retinol is a great form of topical Vitamin A which yields results in both the treatment of, and the prevention of Acne. Activ Retinol is a serum - it works effectively within the deeper layers of the skin and is safe to use day & night. It is recommended that Activ Retinol is used in the evenings. However, if you apply Activ Retinol during the day, we recommend applying a SPF over this product (about 30 sec after application) to ensure that the surface layers of the skin are also being treated. (Hyal Ceutic and Sun Ceutic 50+)
Sun Ceutic 50+ protects the skin from UV rays and includes hydrating and soothing ingredients making it an ideal product to assist in the improvement of oily / acne prone skin. UV exposure will result in inflammation which can trigger more breakouts. Furthermore, sun exposure can cause more TEWL and often results in more oil production. Sun Ceutic 50+ will protect the skin from both UVA and UVB while the aloe vera will counter any inflammation caused by sun exposure. The sun cream also has Hyaluronic Acid in it to keep the skin hydrated and ensure that the barrier function stays intact, preventing TEWL.
The 21 Day Expert Care Kits
• Foamer 15 [30ml]
• Mask 15 [10ml]
• Hyal Ceutic [12ml]
• Sun Ceutic 50+ [15ml]
Homecare Kits
• Foamer 15 [30ml]
• Mask 15 [50ml]
• Hyal Ceutic [40ml]
• Activ Retinol [30ml]

Acne Kit